If you haven’t noticed, I love all things fitness.  I run, spin, lift, and do TONS of workout videos.  I believe in cross training to the max to avoid plateaus and extreme boredom.  I used to go on the elliptical ALL the time and it was the worst.  No more!  I love learning new moves/workouts from the fitness greats and buying their videos is a much cheaper way to get access to them.  Also, sometimes I wake up and just would rather have someone else kick my trash than me, so I turn to these!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts:

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

I have had this gem for years.  It is 50+ minutes of kick-your-bum plyometric training and the best part is… NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED!!  Boo ya!

Nicky Holender: Stronger (via Livestrong.com)

Nicky Holender (retired British football player) collaborated with Livestrong.com in creating 9 FREE HIIT workouts.  (The link above is to the signature video, Combustion.)  These workouts are KILLER, but quick!  The longest one is 40 minutes and AGAIN, no equipment required!!

Cathe Friedrich: Crossfire

I was recently introduced to Cathe by my workout-fiend-of-an-aunt and am OBSESSED.  She is AMAZING.  She has been rocking the fitness world since the 80’s and had everything figured out decades before anyone else.  This particular Cathe workout does it all.  Body-weight resistance training, added weight resistance training, plyometrics, etc… all in the form of HIIT.  Unfortunately (and fortunately) some equipment is required.  Here is what you will need: light to medium dumbbells (1 – 3 sets), a light resistance loop, a light resistance tube, and sliders (you can use paper plates, furniture sliders, or actual workout sliders).

Strength Training Workouts:

Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

My wise husband bought this video for me at the same time as the previous Jillian DVD and I love him forever for knowing me so well.  Jillian never fails, and this hyper-efficient strength training workout certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Jillian believes (as do I) that in order to torch a maximum amount of calories in the shortest possible time, we must work more than one muscle group at a time.  This video is a wonderful training guide on how to start learning to do this independently.  All you need for this bad boy is a light set of dumbbells.  (I typically use 3s, but all you monsters out there go ahead and try 5s!)

Cathe Friedrich: Flex Train

Cathe does it again!!  (And again, and again….) Cathe geniusly moves through major muscle groups for a total body strength workout.  Your heart rate will stay revved the entire time ensuring you burn a bajillion calories.  It is AWESOME!  Here is what you will need: light to medium dumbbells (2 – 3 sets), a light resistance loop, and sliders.

Yoga Workouts:

Although I love a good meditation/stretching type yoga workout every once in a while, if I am going to workout, I am going to workout.  Yoga can be extremely challenging and rev your heart rate and the below 2 videos certainly are/do!

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

This DVD has 2 workouts (beginning and advanced).  (Don’t worry, I am a yoga novice and neither one is too advanced).  They are both under 35 minutes and are super effective in burning calories, building strength, and stretching that yoga bod!  (Although no equipment is required, a yoga mat makes things a lot less slippery…)

Bob Harper: Yoga Warrior

I love Bob, always have.  This yoga workout is an hour and is a dozy.  It begins with standing, dynamic poses, moves into balance poses, and then finishes with flexibility and ab work on the floor.  (But of course, Bob leaves some time for the dead man’s pose…)  Again, a yoga mat is recommended!

What are your favorite workouts right now?  Do you use videos?  If so, which ones?  Would love to hear your thoughts my friends!

Happy training!

Much Love,


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