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Transitioning Into Fall!

Tee – Rag & Bone, Jeans – Madewell (best white jeans I have found < $150!), Tote – Tory Burch, Watch – Michael Kors, Ring – Baublebar, Sandals – Jeffrey Campbell (couldn’t find the exact ones online but I linked 2 similar darling ones below!), Sweater – (couldn’t find exact ones online but linked 2 similar ones at different price points below)

Happy Wednesday my Friends!

I wanted to first thank you all so much for your support and love when I shared the exciting news!  (If you missed it, check out this post here!)

Team – (Quick aside.) Can I just tell you, not feeling the impending doom of CONSTANTLY throwing up has made me so beyond elated this week!  I am so grateful for the tiniest things and am so enjoying coming back to my normal self!  (I am now at 18 weeks and with the combination of my hormones ever-so-gradually coming down and the miracle that is ‘Zofran’ and I am seriously beyond elated. If there is a word more happy than that, please insert here.)

Moving along to the fashion-portion of this post….  August is the glorious month that I start transitioning into my beloved Fall wardrobe.  (Is Fall anyone else’s favorite clothing season??)  Admittedly, I am a bit hot all of August because I transition a tad early but WHAT THE HECK!?  It is totally worth it!  This look is the perfect combination of late Summer and early Fall.  An all layered all white-look with a blanket sweater and embellished sandals makes both crisp morning/evenings and warm afternoons completely comfortable.  In my view, to successfully transition your wardrobe, think about 1) layering, 2) incorporating either Fall color palettes in Summer styles or Summer color palettes in Fall styles, 3) adding booties/boots to Summer outfits and 4) adding sandals to Fall outfits.

Last thought of the day…. So TOMORROW, I am transitioning into my 30s!!!!  Surprisingly, I am not too freaked as I am trying not to think about what I could have accomplished by this point in my life versus what I have accomplished at this point in my life.  Instead, I choose to focus on the following….

  • Uncomfortable Situations: I feel like I have pushed myself into uncomfortable/growth situations (INSERT: this blog, a-bit-too-accelerated promotion, growing a BABY…..) pretty often over the last year or so.  My mom always taught me that ‘I can do hard things’ and although making myself do them sucks, I never regret it and in fact, am ALWAYS happy I did.
  • Failures: I have experienced a good deal of ‘failures’ that have (also) sucked, but I GUESS have made me grow (INSERT: this blog – at least the extremely slow growth of it, supporting one of my siblings when they needed me the most, and neglecting to be consistent at the little things in my faith no matter how busy my life gets.)  I think that it is human nature to avoid anything that has resulted in failure, but in my opinion, we should move towards those things.  Failing should not be something to be afraid of, but instead, an obstacle for us to overcome.  To choose an example… Creating Wear and Back Again has been an incredibly grueling, challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking process for me.  I have never put more time, more research, more of my soul, and more of my vulnerability into something before that has not worked out in line with ‘Ally’s Trajectory/Timeline of Success’.  By all accounts, my growth is dismally slow despite the tremendous amount of effort I put in on a daily/weekly basis.  HOWEVER, are these facts and hopeless feelings going to stop me?!  HECK NO!  I am going to prove myself/my critics wrong AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

In short, in my mind, if I keep forcing myself into uncomfortable situations, and recognizing and running TOWARDS my failures, I am going to be a-okay no matter how ancient I am getting.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Do you have ‘milestones’ for personal growth and development?  What do you feel makes you most improve as a person/wife/mother/friend/employee/daughter/son/grandparent?  What thoughts do you have about turning 30?  (Or what thoughts did you have when you did turn 30?)

Much Love,

Ally Norling fashion lifestyle blog


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