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Dress – ASOS (under $40); Jacket – J Crew Factory (on sale!);  Espadrilles – VINCE. (on major sale!); Hat – Forever 21; Necklace – J Crew Factory (LOVE this one!); Bag – Kate Spade New York (similar here)

Hi Friends!

I have been thinking a ton about time management lately (especially because I want to do EVERYTHING) and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you!  (But first, fashion!)

As I mentioned in this post, a key to successfully transitioning your Summer-wear into Fall is to use Summer cuts with Fall colors!  This look does just that!  (And best part of all, this dress is < $40!! and would look darling with tights, boots, and a cardigan in the coming months!

Now, a quick thought about time management (and me).  I am a pretty busy person (as we all are I know), and I am also interested in a lot of things (I am sure, like you are too), and also want to be perfect at everything (I am hoping you are NOT like this).  So… what ends up happening a lot in my life is that my life is over-filled with too much that I kick myself if it is all not absolutely ‘perfect’.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  If so, the following list is geared for high-achieving (and a little bit OCD) people like me!

  1. Establish your top 5 priorities in your life: A wise person once told me that your time spent should align with your priorities.  (And I think a tiny percentage of the population can actually say they live by this so don’t knock yourself if you are a little out of whack here.)  For me, my top 5 priorities are my family/friends, religion, health, work, and Wear and Back Again.   Outside of my minimum of 8 hours a day spent at the office (which I can do nothing about), my time should be spent largely focusing on these things that are most important to me.
  2. Allot yourself ENOUGH time to do what you HAVE to do:  Grocery shopping, cooking, car washing, cleaning, oil changing, etc. are probably not on anyone’s list in #1 but unfortunately, these things have to get done.  Sometimes my downfall is not planning enough time to accomplish these things because I want to do everything all at one time.  Guess what?  We can’t!!  When we plan time to do something we have to do, something has got to give.  Other items on your to do or should do list can wait until tomorrow.
  3. (Equally as important) allot yourself ENOUGH time for what you WANT to do:  Have you ever fallen into this trap?  (And I know, it is far too easy to fall into.)  I am a bit of a work horse and find it hard to ‘turn it off’ and do something for me sometimes.  But guess what happens when that happens?  I am not really living my life, just crazily sprinting through it.  For me, those ‘me’ things can be small… (Getting a Sonic Diet Coke with vanilla during happy hour, watching an episode of my current fav show, giving my favorite people a call, reading a book for 10 minutes….)  I find that no matter how busy I am, incorporating at least one of these types of things a day makes me more efficient and happier.
  4. Learn to say no: I am a total people pleaser and saying ‘no’ is really hard for me.  (Eric would be the first to tell you that.)  I know it sucks to do this but sometimes it has to happen.  I am learning though, that it isn’t ‘bad’ to have to say ‘no’.  I promise, we aren’t bad people, or mean, or selfish, we are just recognizing that we don’t live in a world where we have 75.7 hours in a day.  One tip I have learned to make this a bit easier is to manage expectations, and communicate them early.  For example, I am due smack dab in the middle of my work’s busy season where I will be expected to put in 80+ hours a week.  Now I am tough, but I am assuming that working that many hours a week when I am 17 years pregnant probably won’t be as easy as when I am not.  So, I have been open with my leaders, and have openly communicated that I will do the best I can, but may not be able to do what I ordinarily can do.

Friends, life is busy and crazy and complicated, and if you are anything like me, you get down on yourself for not doing everything you have to, should do, could do exactly the way you could do it all in an ideal, timeless world.  I think that arranging your life in a way that gracefully balances what you love the most and your responsibilities and all the extraneous stuff in between is one of the biggest challenges of being a human.  At this stage in my life, this is how I am working to find this balance.  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on how you broach this personal subject!

Hope you are having a balanced and happy week!

Much Love,

Ally Norling fashion lifestyle blog


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