I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  After a wonderful run with my sister (Liza this time) I spent the morning cooking and baking away with my mother-in-law!  AND… wait for it… after YEARS of trying, I finally made the bombdest orange rolls! (I will post the recipe – and all the little tricks – soon!)  Anyway, after the meal and fun family time, I fell fast asleep on the living room floor.  What a great day!

My mother-in-law (Mary Anne) has the most wonderful Thanksgiving tradition I wanted to share!  She makes a Thanksgiving turkey and cuts out the cutest little cards where her family/friends can write what they are grateful for.  (She was inspired by this!)  Then, she saves all the cards and pulls them out many years later!  How cute!

Also… So my family is THE WORST at family pictures.  Like I can’t even tell you how ridiculous they are.  My dad is the lamest.  Out of the 300+ we took, he was probably looking at the camera 20 of them, 9 of which his eyes were closed.  To provide a little hilarity on this wonderful Saturday night, I thought I would share one of my favorites.

To my family, closed eyes and all.

Much Love,


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