Happy Monday Eve my friends!  (Quick side note… My cute friend told me this morning that ‘mien’ means ‘mine’ in French so Monday turns into ‘my day’.  How cute is that?!  Take back your Monday my friends!)

On another note… I wore this look for Thanksgiving dinner with Eric and loved the pairing of the lace and bling!  This Mirina Collections necklace is one of my favorite closet staples and I wear it all the time to make an otherwise un-special look special!  If you are still in the market for gift buying, Mirina Collections makes beautiful, high-quality, unique jewelry.  (Use wear20 when you purchase!)

I heard a story this week I wanted to share with you before you go.  There was a woman who wanted to do something for somebody else for Christmas but she only had $5 to do it.  She went to Salvation Army on a clearance day where all coats were on sale for $1.  She bought 5 of them and went downtown and tied each around a post with a note saying they were a gift for someone in need.  After she was done, she stood back and watched what happened.  Soon, a homeless man walked up to a post, untied the coat, put it on, and rejoiced.  This story got me thinking.  If this woman could do something with so little that meant so much, what excuse do I have?

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,


Top – Ann Taylor, Jeans – Hudson, Booties, Nine West, Bag – Rebecca Minkoff (love this one)


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