Turtleneck – J Crew, Skirt – Aqua (on sale!!), Tights – Hue, Watch – Michael Kors, Bracelet – J Crew (in love, will be wearing this constantly!), Purse – Kate Spade (LOVE this one – also available in black!), Sunnies – Fendi, Lip – YSL 104 (I wear this pretty much everyday, it is a stain so it stays on so well!)

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about all of you, but this week has been crazy-town-USA!  I am ready for the weekend but don’t expect too much slowing down!

I found this darling skirt ON MAJOR SALE over the holidays and couldn’t wait to wear it!  The color and shear pannel sold me!

So nothing earth shattering from me today.  Just a little story from a proud momma who is a little too (unhealthily so) in love with my puppy.  Dane comes along for most shoots (as I am sure you can tell, he manages to make surprise appearances in MANY of them) and today he refused to be left behind.  (I have an impossible time leaving those big brown eyes.)  Anyway, today we figured out a way to prevent his fuzzy hindquarters from entering the frame so frequently.  You know those plastic poop bag dispensers you put on the end of the leash?  So we found out that if we put it on the ground, Dane will NOT move.  Come hell or high water, that puppy stays put.  Might as well be a million pound anchor for all he knows.  Anyway, I was laughing my guts out at his frustrated little face (as you can see).  I think this is one of those stories that the narrator has to say to the bored and uninterested audience sitting in a painfully awkward silence, “I guess you had to be there”.  Man alive… Oh well…

Thanks for listening to me my dear friends.

Much Love,


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