Hi Friends!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and is soaking up its last precious moments!  I have been so spoiled as my vacation consisted of both the sand and the snow!  (I know lucky girl.)

I have been thinking a lot about this post and am not quite sure how to structure it so am just going to press forward with my busy little brain!

First, I wanted to look back on this year from a Wear and Back Again perspective…. Here are pics from some of my favorite posts!


Next,  wanted to think about what has happened, both the ups and the downs.

Here are some ups!

– For the first time in forever (yep, I think I stole this from Frozen), I live near my immediate family (this includes my wonderful in-laws) and am so grateful to have developed even stronger relationships with my sweeties.

– I have developed the best of friends (most of them teenage girls) who make me want to be a better person every day.

– My job has awarded me with enough flexibility to get my wheels spinning about how I want to continue to push myself.  Before this year, I was all business/finance, and now I am having a blast working on my creative side with this blog.  The best part of starting Wear and Back Again, has been connecting with people in a new and different way.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your love and support.  I am so incredibly lucky.

Now for a few of the downs:

– Our family has experienced some of the hardest trials I ever thought could happen.  (Get ready for the silver lining.)  Despite this, or maybe because of it, we have gotten stronger, closer, and more honest with each other.

– My darling husband and I continue to stay in a holding pattern, uncertain about what will happen/where we will go next!  (FYI if you didn’t know, I am a planner to the extreme, and this is sooo hard for me!)  I know there is a plan for us, we are just trying to figure out what it is!

– I have experienced some health problems this year (I am ok) that have been tough both emotionally and physically.

Sorry, don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but I think in order to really reflect on your life, you have to be honest, and recognize both the good and not-so-good!!

Now to the future…. (I really wanted to say, “Back to the Future” probably because Eric was just watching it but I won’t…)

I normally just spit out a dozen or so New Year’s Resolutions on December 31st that are good, but not great.  This year, I wanted to change that and stick to just 3 really great ones.  Here it goes:

1) Read 20 books in 2015.  Ok, ok, for all of you genius, voracious readers out there, this may seem like child’s play.  But for me it is HUGE!!  (Can you even believe it mom?)  Starting in high school, I started reading novels like textbooks so I could score well on the in-class quizzes.  My love for reading was completely obliterated and with the exception of a few super famous series (insert whatever titles you will here _________) I have ceased to read for fun.  No longer my friends!!

2) Make every interaction a kind one.  My wise dad mentioned this one a couple of months ago and it has really stuck with me.  He didn’t say, make some/most/a few interactions kind, but EVERY ONE.  Think about what that would mean.  Not only would we hopefully make the world a little happier, but we would become so much happier.  Nothing spreads kindness more than being kind.

3) Praying like He is there.  My also very wise sister told a story in December that inspired me.  She was talking about a situation where she felt very much alone, and did not have access to her family.  She and my dad have a very special relationship and all she wanted was to be able to sit near him, have him stroke her hair, and be able to tell him everything she was thinking and feeling.  Her dear friend told her she had once felt that way to, but found a source of comfort.  She decided to change the nature of her prayers.  She literally talked to her Heavenly Father the way she did to her earthly father.  She felt understood, loved, and not alone.

I know this is quite a long post, but I guess I had a lot of things to think about and say.  I cannot wait for 2015 and all of the wonderful blessings and opportunities for growth that await!

Thank you for all you do.

Much Love,


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