Dress – James Perse (via Nordstrom Rack), Necklaces (gold one – Bloomingdales, silver one – Dogeared), Purse – Kate Spade (similar here), Shoes – Vans (similar here), Sunnies – Fendi (similar here), Lipstain – YSL 104

I had a couple extra minutes yesterday and sometime “managed-to-squeeze-in” a quick Nordstrom Rack sesh.  It is kind of a problem how much success I have there, EVERY TIME.  Well, this dress was one of my finds.  I have another grey James Perse dress that looks “slightly” different but I have worn it to death so I of course had to have this one.  It is basically a giant sweatshirt.  I was feeling super easy and relaxed and warm (75 degrees around here!) so dressed it way down with my beloved leopard sneaks, and some layered delicate jewelry.  I will most def be wearing it with tights, boots, heels, etc. when more wintry weather returns!

Today my cutest little husband woke up, and with a smile on his cheery little face said, “I am going to be more grateful”.  He is seriously the sweetest.  I know I talk about gratitude so much on the blog but I think it is because I have to constantly remind myself to remember to be grateful.  My head spins a million miles a minute and I worry about EVERYTHING!  Things that have happened, are happening, maybe-possibly-probably-will-never happen… (You get the picture!)  Sometimes my dumb brain gets me all up in a dither and I forget to stop, breathe, and be grateful for all of the billions and trillions of blessings I do have.  Here are a couple of things I felt grateful for today:

1) Books! – I know guys, are you shocked!?  My New Year’s resolution of reading is coming true!  I am reading lots and LOVING it!  I am reading Wild right now and can’t get enough!

2) Exercise – This one probably isn’t a shocker to anyone who has set foot on Wear and Back Again but I seriously love it.  I used to think that the primary benefits to working out revolved around appearance, burning calories, etc…. Although those are nice little perks, I now think of training as a chance to get stronger, see what my body can do, and the opportunity to crush goals almost every day of the week!

3) A (mostly healthy) face! – I know this sounds weird, but guys, I was soooo anxious to leave the house for almost 2 weeks with my infection.  (My doctor dad ended up saying it was some type of viral infection topped off with a nasty, secondary, bacterial one…  I JUST stopped taking my antibiotics YESTERDAY!!)  Whenever I went anywhere, I was so self conscious, kept my head down, avoided eye contact, and I still was asked about it all the time (by strangers).

Questions of the Day:

What books are you all reading?  Any recommendations?

What are your plans for the day of love tomorrow?

Any favorite Valentine treats/gifties will you be wanting tomorrow?

Love to love you all!


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