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Second workout post!

Everyone wants great arms but many don’t have access to the “right equipment”.  Never fear!  You don’t need anything but your little self and a bench/chair, etc. for this one!  (And.. it is quick!!)

I love doing resistance training using only my body weight.  Although I sometimes use free weights, body weight training is functional, promotes balance, flexibility and core strength.  Also, it is extremely convenient!

This workout is comprised of the fundamentals of fitness.  We are back to pushups here!  I have outlined a few variations and options to make things a little more interesting, a little more challenging, or a little easier.  Make sure you warm up with your body with  few dynamic exercises like arm swings, jogging in place, or jumping jacks!

Here is the consolidated routine but pics and more descriptions are below!

1. Push-ups on a chair/bench/against a wall: Do as many as you can do (with good form) for 30 seconds

2.  Tricep Dips: 30 seconds

3. Tricep Dips (1 leg extended): 30 seconds; switch legs: 30 seconds

4.. Traditional Push-Ups: 30 seconds

5. Tricep Push-Ups: 30 seconds

6. Diamond Push-Ups: 30 seconds

This 3 minute workout is tough!  Repeat 2-3 times if you can!  (You will know when you are “burnt out” when you can no longer do a rep with good form.  When you can’t, stop!)  The trick here is to go for time instead of reps.  As you get stronger, you can go faster and really rev your heart rate.

Warning: I am not a certified fitness professional!


1. Assisted Push-Ups: These are an awesome warm-up, but are still super engaging. If you are looking for an extra challenge, lift a leg!


2. Tricep Dips: With your palms on the bench/chair a bit narrower than hip distance, scoot your bum off the bench, extend both legs and lower your body then raise so triceps are extended! That is one rep. (See below for an easier alternative method.)


2. Tricep Dips (alternate method): Instead of extending legs all the way out, walk them in closer to your body. This makes for a still challenging but slightly easier exercise.


3. Tricep Dips (one leg extended): These are exactly the same as above except here, lift one leg to engage your core. Then switch after 30 seconds!


4. Traditional Push-Ups: The best!! Start in a high plank position with your hands a little wider than shoulders. Lower down with your body in a completely straight line from your head to your toes. No saggy or high bums! Lower down until your nose is just hovering over the ground, then push up! To make this EASIER, lower your knees to the ground. To make it HARDER, lift a leg up and make sure to switch halfway through!


5. Tricep Push-Ups: Same form as above but this time, place your hands right next to the sides of your body so as you lower down, your arms brush against you. To make this EASIER, lower your knees to the ground, to make it HARDER, lift a leg up and switch!


6. Diamond Push-Ups: Put your hands in a diamond shape (see below pic) and do a push-up! These are TOUGH! To make this EASIER, lower to your knees, to make it HARDER, lift up a leg and switch!

 Happy Fitness!

Shirt – Zella (old, similar here), Pants – Lululemon, Shoes – Nike Free (similar here)

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