Oh hey fellow procrastinators out there!  To assist with these 2 potentially quite stressful days before Christmas, I have come up with a list of stocking stuffers any girl would love!

Christmas Stocking Stuffer

MAC Lipstick (Creme d’Nude) – I just picked up this lipstick this week and it is seriously the perfect shade for everyday-wear.

Chanel Chance – The best perfume I have ever owned.

Tassel – This is the perfect pop for either a keychain or a pop to your purse!

Sunnies – These look like just like the designer version but are a bit more affordable.

Hand Creme – This stuff is seriously the best, a perfect little luxury.

Nail Polish – My friend swears by this stuff.  It looks like gel but without all the hassle.

Beanie – A chic style in an unexpected hue.

RIng – I have this and love it and wear it everyday.

Slippers – I have been coveting these for years but can’t justify buying them for myself. (30% off with code HOLIDAY)

Gloves – A feminine, gorgeous pair.

Mascara and Enhancer – My new favorite duo.  It curls, thickens, and STAYS!

Sorry for the super brief posts lately… I seriously live at work (and unfortunately that is more realistic than it sounds….) and crash onto my pillow in a pathetic heap as soon as I get home.  (In fact, I am writing you from work right now.)  Anyway… on a separate completely non-work related super super happy note, I am heading home to California tomorrow for Christmas and can’t wait!  Hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing Christmas week!

Merry (almost) Christmas my friends!

Much Love,



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