Socks – Kleen Fabrics (c/o), Undies – Kleen Fabrics (c/o), Jacket – Old Navy, Pants – Athleta, Shoes – Nike

I am seriously so honored to tell you about this brand new company, Kleen Fabrics.  You can read all about it on their website, but I wanted to give you a little rundown of what I know from my own experience.

First, the man behind the brand (Sassan) runs a gym and felt like no matter how much he washed his workout clothes, they still stunk.  After getting unsatisfactory answers from both washing machine and laundry detergent companies, Sassan set out on a mission to either find or produce stink-free workout wear.  Super long story short, he found a couple lines from a couple of internationally renowned exercise clothes producing companies but they were all “almost, kind of not really” what he was looking for.  So…. he researched and researched and found a technology currently used only in the medical field in which every 5th strand was made of silver.  FYI – Silver is antibacterial.  (I had no idea so I thought I would share.)  At the earlier part of this product, Sassan had produced a couple of test tees composed of silver and DID NOT HAVE TO BE WASHED EVER and offered to let Eric try one out.  (He was only making menswear products at the time.)  The test was whether Eric could wear it to workout, sleep, eat, whatever and NOT wash it, and see if it stunk.  Well, of course I stole it…. I taught spin, ran, slept, walked (and EVERYTHING) else in it and it DID NOT SMELL one bit.  (I did this for 3 months by the way.)

SOOO… I am so excited to announce that Kleen Fabrics is now branching out into womenswear and is producing underwear and socks.  Boo ya!  Imagine how amazing it would be to go on a trip and pack one pair of underwear, one pair of socks etc.  Imagine your water bill.  Imagine your –  (ok you get it.)

PS – Sorry for the booty shot, just wanted to prove that there are NO LINES!!

PPS – One of my favorite sales of the whole year is happening NOW!!  Use code INTHEFAM25 for 25% off (almost) EVERYTHING!  See below for my shoppable picks!







Thank you so much to Kleen Fabrics for sponsoring this post!


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