Hiya loves!!

Over-the-knee-boots are all the rage this season and this pair is much more affordable than most!  (PS – This tee from  Nordstrom is so amazing and soft and I wear it constantly!)

Team, I feel like I am sitting down for the first time in 10 days!  I had a crazy week working long hours, cooking desserts for hungry teens, and planning and executing my beautiful sister’s bridal shower!  It was one of those weeks when everything else that didn’t absolutely have to be done fell by the wayside.  (Including Wear and Back Again.)  Ordinarily, I would be freaking out that the house wasn’t clean, I didn’t get my workouts in, I survived off of fast food and macarons, but you know what,  I totally didn’t.  It is so important to give yourself a break, recognize what you can and can’t do, and relax.  Things will work out.  One week/month isn’t going to ruin anything.  The gym, the broom, and salads will always be there, waiting for you when you are ready for them.

Guess what, it’s ok!

Much love my friends,



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