I am loving all of the wonderful holiday gift guides offered by my favorite stores, brands and bloggers and was so excited when Jen from Stuff I Love asked several other ladies (including Catherine from My Power Pose) to post a gift guide on what I am giving away this year.  (Beware, SPOILER ALERT!)

For my sister(s)/sister-in-law(s) I chose a charm bracelet.  My mom gave them to my sister (Eliza) and I when we were little and I am sooo jealous of hers because I lost mine.  She got a simple sterling silver linked bracelet and chose a few special charms that reminded her of us.  (FYI, this is a great place for ALL kinds of charms!)  My sister still wears hers 20 years later and it has only gotten more special with time as she has added to it!

For my boss (this was a toughie) I chose chocolate (REALLY good chocolate) and this phenomenal chocolate book that has been passed around our family for ages!  I decided that my boss CAN buy himself whatever he wants so I needed to choose something that he WON’T buy on his own.  He is a real foodie (with a mighty picky sweet tooth) and certainly knows his way around the kitchen!

For my mother-in-law, I couldn’t decide, so… I didn’t!  My mother-in-law is the best.  She is kind, thoughtful and selfless.  She is so funny, many of our conversations start out with her saying, “Ally, I have something really important to tell you but I don’t remember what it is!”  Ah, the plight of parenthood.  She currently writes all of her awesome thoughts on sticky notes which would really only confuse me more than I already am.  Hence, the happy, colorful journal and witty, darling pencils!  Moving right along!  My mother-in-law always has cold feet (familiar feeling as I am sitting here – in CALIFORNIA – writing this post in thermal socks, flannel pajamas, and a giant fluffly robe with a hood over my head) and wears shoes constantly around the house.  Just because she would never treat herself to the little luxury of soft, pillowy slippers, I am going to!

For my aunt/best friend, I chose a couple of my favorite “outfit add-ons”.  My two darlings love clothes and fashion but don’t treat themselves to fun accessories to amp up their looks.  For my aunt, I picked this darling scarf that I am coveting.  She wears tons of black, white and grey (woman of my heart) so I thought this fun color was just what she needed to switch things up a bit!  For my BFF, I chose this gorgeous necklace!  She has tons of super cute earrings but no necklaces that I can remember!  (I feel like every woman has an affinity towards/against certain wearables.  Mine, affinity towards – shoes, affinity against – shirts – I know, I am a wierdo…)  Anyway… man, getting a little loopy… I think this necklace will be a perfect piece for her as it is delicate and will add just a bit of sparkle!

Thank you so much Jen and Catherine for the inspiration and for prompting me to share what I am giving this year!

To giving better.

Much Love,


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