I am pretty obsessed with HIIT workouts, and have been loving a new bomb variety I wanted to share with you!  Here is the format… Cycle through the below exercises (in the number of reps specified) as many times as you can (with good form) in 10 minutes,  Rest for 30 – 60 seconds, and cycle through 2 – 3 more times!  Promise, your whole body will love to hate you!

Weighted jump lunges (5 – 10 pounds) (20/10 per side)

Squat and presses (5 – 10 pounds) (20)

Lay – down push ups (start while laying down and push yourself up with a push-up) (15)

Step-ups (onto a chair/bench) (30/15 per side)

Burpees (10)

TIP: Set the timer on your phone and set your ringer loud!

Question for my beloved readers…  How would you feel if I added more fitness and healthy recipe posts?  I certainly have a passion for wellness and would love to share what I have learned over the years but would appreciate your feedback!


Burpees – Love them or hate them?

Push-ups – On your knees or toes?

Happy sweating!

Much Love,


PS – Sorry for the repeat work – out pics, I need to take more!!

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