Dress – Madewell (on sale!), Boots – Louise et Cie (similar here – on sale!), Tights – Hue, Bracelet – J Crew (thanks Lindsey!!, can’t find on line but love this and this one!!), Purse – Kate Spade New York, Sunglasses – Fendi

This dress was on major sale at Madewell, and I LOVE it.  It is a bit different than what a normally go for but I always welcome a little change to my wardrobe!  I paired the frilly, feminine dress with simple, streamlined accessories to ensure it wasn’t “too much”.

Every month a darling group of teens and a few adults and I volunteer (purposefully didn’t include myself in that second group) at the local Boys and Girls Club to assist in tutoring and reading to kids across all age groups.  The kids are darling and our teens LOVE them and find a few hours every time we are slotted to help out despite their own crazy schedules.  I always have such a positive experience when I go but I wanted to share a particularly sparkling gem of an experience from today.

I was placed in the 3rd grade room and quickly noticed the B&GC employee in charge was a stickler for the rules.  There was to be minimal talking and everyone was to be engaged in silent, independent reading.  Then there was Alexa… She was a side-smiling, darling little thing who I instantly adored.  She held a pad of sticky notes and a pencil tightly in her hands and furtively and carefully padded through the room observing her classmates with their noses in their books.  She observed just long enough to form a complement, and then wrote that complement on a sticky note, pulled it off her pad, and stuck it firmly on her peers’ books.  Despite KNOWING she would get caught (and she certainly did) and reprimanded (and she certainly was), Alexa believed in what she was doing.  That today, distributing a little kindness was a little more important than silent independent reading.

Cheers to the courage and determination of little Alexa.

Much Love,


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