Greetings from the great old town of Reno, Nevada!

My sister, mother-in-law and I are in town for 3 days for endless amounts of volleyball.  I have to say, several times over my not-quite-yet-24-hours-here I have felt like I am on a completely different planet.  Don’t worry, we are having a complete blast (off) -and-a-half.  (Wow, I am that person who is laughing at themselves, alone…)  Moving right along…

Okay, so I am NOT a makeup person.  Like, at all.  Like, my baby sister has had to do my makeup for years because I am an idiot.  I previously invested no time trying to find the right makeup for me and frankly would much rather buy clothes than face paint.  However, after a couple much-too-close-ups from this little blog here I had to do some serious introspection and decided I needed to step it up a notch (times infiniti).  So… over the last few months, I have compiled a list of affordable, fool-proof makeup products that I use every day and LOVE.  FINALLY!  It is really a miracle.  (Mom, can you even believe it???)

Ok, here it goes (and yes, this is in chronological order of how I apply).

1) Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Cream (with SPF) – An oldie but a goodie.  My whole fam bam uses this stuff (even my dear old dad) and we love it.  If it ain’t broke…

2) Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser – This stuff is amazing.  It feels like angel babies are rubbing their pillowy hands all over your face leaving the smoothest, softest skin ever.

3) Sonia Kashuk Concealer Stick – I am a total believer in drugstore makeup (for some things).  Sonia Kashuk is an awesome line that is both super affordable and super quality.  To me, concealer is concealer and there is no need to spend department store prices.

4) Bare Minerals Bare Skin – THIS IS MY FAVORITE MAKEUP PRODUCT I HAVE EVER BOUGHT/TRIED/HEARD OF/SEEN AT A DISTANCE…. Seriously, I cannot tell you the degree of amazingness this product is.  Ok remember the makeup idiot I am… (I know you are picturing it…) Now imagine that I, can create flawless skin in about 20 seconds with this miracle concoction.  I have pretty much acne-free skin but have lots of unevenness in tone/color that really bugs me.  And I inherited my dad’s under eye circles…. Ugh…. No matter my friends, this stuff cures it all… (For those of you who are about to go get it this instant, here is how I apply it.  1) Put 2 drops on this super amazing brush, and swipe it across your chin, forehead, and cheeks, then rub it in gently. 2) Put 2 more drops on the super amazing brush and dab around your trouble spots and rub it in with circular motions – it’s all in the wrist! Wa la, airbrushed face!) PS – Jennifer Aniston uses this product.  Enough said.

5) Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – This stuff further erases pores (as if you have any at this point) and sets the Bare Skin foundation.   I have tried products that have claimed to do this before but have been unimpressed.

6) Chanel Mascara – I promise this stuff is worth it.  It finds every single, puny invisible eyelash you have and makes it feel like the belle of the ball.

7) L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – I know I know, two mascaras?  Promise, it is worth it.  These two go together like pb&j.  The Chanel stuff separates, and this stuff adds volume like you wouldn’t believe.  (It is hard to believe right?? From the name??)

8) MAC Gel Eyeliner – I was previously too lazy to use both a brush and a gel pot together to put on my eyeliner.  Two devices seemed a bit overwhelming.  So, to cut the time, I stopped using a pencil and stopped putting eyeliner on my bottom lid and we were all good.  This stuff glides on, stays on, and if applied only to the top lid, makes your eyes look ginormous!!

8) NARS Orgasm Blush – Racy name, well deserved.  This stuff can name itself whatever it wants.  It is the best, light, slightly luminescent, glowy pink powder that couldn’t be more perfect.

10) YSL Lipstain – This is my all-time favorite lip anything.  I wear it every day.  It is subtle, but pretty and feminine, moisturizes, and stays on. What else can you ask a lip-stain to do?  I don’t know, self apply?  Maybe someday…

Shop the products here:

Ok, there it is, a list of bomb products and ridiculously easy everyday routine from the world’s worst makeup applier.

If the above was ridiculous, boring, annoying, maybe these crazy pics from my Instagram will make your visit worth it.

photo 1

This delicious tropical carrot protein smoothie I came up with this week. Recipe is on Insta!

photo 2

Because I love being goofy with this gal pal. And because the Diet Coke says pal. And because it was National High Five Day.


My favoritist, littlest sis ever. Love her so much it is kind of bonkers.

photo 5

Dinner Look with the team tonight.

 Love you all my dear friends,



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