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Hi Friends!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of workout gear for fall! (I guess I am loving the pink and grey combo!)

1. These Zella Live-In pants are really that! They are so ridiculously comfortable and I wear them at the gym as well as a replacement for some thicker tights under shorter dresses!

2. I am completely in love with these pink and grey leopard Nike Frees. I love Nike Frees for all of my cross-training work, gym classes, etc. and love (even more) that the sneaker trend lets these little beauties be totally acceptable out and about with normal clothes!

3. Eric bought this Under Armour shirt for my birthday and it is the greatest. I don’t know about you but I really can’t stand running in tank tops. (I guess my tendony armpits rub too much.)

4. Speaking of Eric, he hates this hat but I think it is the best. I am more and more conscious of sun exposure (being a very moley person) and have no shame wearing hats constantly.

5. I wore these Lululemon pants in both my previous workout posts and love them. In the words of my aunt Becca, they feel like you are sleeping on clouds!

6. This is my favorite water bottle that I discovered while in college and it is so fun to sip out of that I drink WAY more because of it. This leads me into a few hydration facts slash tips!

A Little Bit About Hydration:

I have (again) recently really figured out the importance of staying hydrated. Here are a few of the main reasons!

1) More than 1/2 of our body weight is composed of water and our cells/tissue/organs need it to function properly!  We also need water to maintain a healthy metabolism!

2) Reduces bloating (contrary to popular belief)!  Squeeze a little lemon/lime in there too to help with this!

3) Mitigates stomach and digestion issues. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and the first action my Dr. recommended I take is to drink tons of water! Water helps to flush toxins and other junk out of your system.

4) Natural appetite suppressant. I am NOT saying, if you are hungry, just drink water. This is NOT healthy. Trust your body, when you are hungry, EAT. I AM saying, that sometimes my body gets confused. Sometimes when I am so thirsty I think I am hungry. (TIP: Drink a glass of water before every meal and when you experience have a sudden food craving.  You may be THIRSTY not hungry!)

SO.. Now what? Although most Dr.’s recommend 6-8 glasses of water a day, that may not be all you need. (Hate to say it but if your urine isn’t clear at least once a day you are most likely not getting enough water.)  (TIP: I use my Camelback constantly.  I have seen some people use masking tape to mark times on their bottle.  Ex- Masking tape in the middle of the bottle may represent noon when 1/2 the water needs to be gone!)

Uh Oh…. So I hope I am not going to ostracize any of my readers here… To start off I used to be a MASSIVE Diet Coke drinker. Like MASSIVE. It is seriously what (I thought) got me through college and my years in the financial world.  I drank at least 2 Super Big Gulps a day which is 80 oz.!  I was completely dependent on the stuff and NEEDED one by 8AM!  Someone haphazardly told me I couldn’t not drink it for a day so my hyper-competitive personality kicked in and I cut myself off cold turkey!  I really never craved it after (except with Mexican food sometimes) and felt a world of difference.  I fulfilled my fizzy craving with my fav (you love it or you hate it) Kombucha and have never looked back!  I feel way more hydrated, way more in touch with my hunger/fullness cues, and feel less sugar cravings.  So…  For all my readers who aren’t cursing my name at this point.. I am not telling you to do anything!  Your body, your soda!  Just a reminder that diet sodas are diuretics (meaning they dehydrate you) so make sure you drink extra water when you are on the sauce!

Happy drinking!

Much Love,


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