Cape – Stylemint (beware, this girl’s face is a little scary…), Jeans – Stylemint, Watch – Michael Kors, Shoes – Frye

I am pretty in love with this cape. The color, details, and exceptional flying capability (when sleeves are spread) make this piece a favorite!  (FYI, these pics are “creative” because we were desperately trying to catch the light!  Transitioning…

I taught spin this morning and it was the best.  I LOVE the energy, the music, and the smiling slash sweaty slash “death to Ally” early morning faces!  Anyway… I wanted to share a little lesson I learned while watching an interaction amongst a few members of my class.  Here it goes…. There once was a …. (Haha just kidding…  Really starting now…)  I am so lucky and have an amazing group of friends who come to my class, and they all know each other, and of course, chat it up a bit during the spinning extravaganza.  There is also a really nice, super intense biker in my class who is exceptionally in shape, and exceptionally focused.  Enter recipe for disaster.  After listening to a bit of chatter, the really nice, super intense biker told the happy little group to “Please stop talking, your talk is REALLY distracting”, in a fed-up tone.  I believe she said one or two more similar comments throughout the class.  It was really fun (yep using that word) to watch the three reactions (all totally understandable) from my pals.

Reaction 1: Visible, teeth-clenching, fuming anger.

Reaction 2: Seemingly unaffected, until a text came in later in the AM indicating how REALLY affected she felt… (Due to the mature nature of the content, this will be censored from Wear and Back Again’s readers.)   Ok…. it wasn’t THAT bad.

Reaction 3: Continued smiles. BUT, the most amazing part of the reaction came after the class, when my pal approached the really nice, super intense biker and sincerely asked about the etiquette for spin, apologized for being a distraction, and then showered her with genuine compliments.

To working towards Reaction 3!

Much Love,


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