Dress – Mademoiselle (via Nordstrom Rack, couldn’t find online so I listed TONS of darling sleeved spring/summer looks below), Shoes – Michael Kors, Purse – Kate Spade New York (similar here), Sunnies – Fendi (similar here), Lipstain – YSL

Oh Hey Friends!

I am posting this look I wore a few weekends ago in Reno!  I was there supporting my darling sis Peeks kill it at a 3-day volleyball tournament where she played 22 games straight!  Boo ya lady!

In case you didn’t know this about me, I am an AMAZING Nordstrom Rack shopper.  If there was an award for ‘Can-always-find-something-at-that-gold-mine-no-matter-whether-I-want-to/should’ I would get it!  To tell you how much this is true, my cute mother-in-law and I went for 2 seconds to get a break from the volleyball mayhem and I found this little number!  I love the cute pattern and fringed lining.  The ONLY problem with it is that it showcases how RIDICULOUSLY white I am.  I am pretty much whiter than this beige dress…. Awesome… (Just so you know my friends, I have since applied the bombdest do-it-yourself (slash mom does it while you are standing in the shower in just a thong and a washcloth doing dances while you dry) at-home tanner that works SOO well!  Will do a post on this soon!  (Probably minus the visual…)

Ok, so I know I have been super absent on the blog lately, (no excuses) but I have been SOO busy!  In addition to the other million jobs I have (told you this was a weird time in my life) I have also been proctoring the AP exams for my high school!  Aside from loving the darling kids, I took this extra job so that Eric and I will be able to finish (or almost finish) paying off our car before we head to Utah for dental school.  Here is the not-so-smooth/subtle transition into my thoughts on “Financial Fitness”.

Eric and I have made MANY mistakes but one thing that we are pretty good at is managing our money.  We believe that it is incredibly important to live within our means and have always been able to do so.  Additionally, we donate 10% of every paycheck to our church and put another 10% into our savings account.  We decided to do this at the beginning of our marriage and set up an automatic transfer so we are donating/saving without even thinking about it!  Sooner than we knew it, we developed a little security blanket and a lot of peace of mind.  DISCLAIMER:  I by no means think I am a personal finance guru, but did want to share a couple of things Eric and I do that work for us (and also explain why I have vanished off the face of the universe…)

Love to love you all,


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