I saw this color combination on SOMETHING (can’t remember WHAT) and loved it!  I love the traditionally fall burgundy paired with a traditionally spring blush for a unique and beautiful pairing.

Here are some of my favorite classic pieces that I loved in these colors!

  1. Purse (Michael Kors) – I have been eyeing this bag and love it for its structured simplicity.
  2. Necklace (J Crew: 30% off today!) – This necklace is classically feminine.  I would pair it with a solid tee or turtleneck for an elevated look.
  3. Top (Free People) – This is such a versatile, flattering top.  A perfect layering piece for fall.
  4. Sweater (J Crew: 30% off today!) – I don’t know about you, but colder temps just means finding the coziest, softest materials to wrap around me.  This piece fits the bill!
  5. Bucket Bag (J Crew: 30% off today!) – I love this backpack.  The color, shape, and size are all so practical.  Just throw it on and go for an easy, chic accessory.
  6. Nail Polish (Essie: Wicked) – I tried this color last winter and loved it.  It is super dark burgundy and gives a perfect amount of edge for the cold season!
  7. Floppy Hat (J Crew: 30% off today!) – This color is so awesome as it doubles as a color and a neutral.  Boo ya!
  8. Boots (Ivanka Trump) – How pretty is this boot!? And you can wear it with everything!  From jeans to pants to skirts to dresses… What else is there?
  9. Ballet Flats (J Crew: 30% off today!) – These classic ballet flats have a fun twist with the pretty gold trim.
  10. Watch (Kate Spade) – I love this watch.  It is traditional and feminine and perfect for everyday wear.

So this next part is most certainly more for me than for you! Since Eric and I are now off on our own (not living in the same city as family) I have been thinking about how important Eric is to me and how much I rely on him as my best friend and spouse.  He is so good at listening to me (which sometimes just means making me talk), and supporting me for who I am and what I do.  So…. I have been thinking about how I can be a more supportive and loving partner to him!  So, here are some thoughts:

  1. BE there.  I know we hear this so often, but it is so important to spend time with our significant other.  That doesn’t mean in the same room, but in the same thoughts.  Let yourselves be together with no electronic or other distractions for at least a few minutes a day so that you can emotionally reconnect.
  2. Serve.  I have found that when I am the most frustrated (insert any other negative emotion) with Eric, it is often because I have gotten too wrapped up in myself.  The quickest way I have found to get out of that rut is to think about him.  What does he need?  How can I make his life a little easier? No matter how trivial it is (like pairing his clean socks) I try and do at least one random act of kindness for him every day.
  3. Keep it Fresh.  It is easy to get stuck in a routine, and having your love feel like a roommate is definitely not a fun place to be.  To avoid that nasty trap, do whatever you can to spice it up!  You know that top drawer, filled with silky things? Open it!  Go on a real date.  Where the time and place are planned ahead of time! Dress up for your sweetie!  (As in don’t put on grandma sweats the second you get home from work.)

Here’s to loving our love a little better!

Much Love,


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