Dress – Madewell (similar style here), Shirt – Madewell (similar style here, less expensive version here), Tights – Hue, Booties – Shoemint (similar style here, less expensive version here), Purse – Rebecca  Minkoff, Lip – YSL 104

I love mixing black and blue!  The color combo is super flattering and on-trend!  This little shift is one of my favorites.  I love the boxy, oversized look, especially paired with some block heels!  Now, transitioning…

Today during church, our Sunday School lesson was on ‘finding meaning in life’.  Our wonderful and wise teacher asked for the classes’ thoughts on this topic.  Several participants, with different words and examples, came up with the same three principles.  There were:

1) Engaging in meaningful social interaction/relationships

2) Providing service to others

3) Seeking personal development

This afternoon, I reflected on the times in my life where I have felt the most ‘meaningful’ and those times were certainly when these three principles occurred simultaneously.  Even when I was pursuing one, or even two of the above, I was not happy, or fulfilled.  I guess that is the real trick to life right?  Doing good, finding a balance, and experiencing the added joy that comes along with it!

I would LOVE to hear what you think?  Any ideas/comments?

Much love my dear friends,


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