Sharing my fool-proof, natural, and quick beauty routines and favorite products.

Beauty Hacks for a Budget-Conscious Girl on the Go

I am by no means a beauty expert.  Not only am I picky about the time my beauty “rituals” take, but I want the finished product to look awesome, last, and be affordable!  So, I put together all of my beauty tricks that meet all 3 criteria! Hair: I am very... read more

Fool-Proof Makeup Routine

Greetings from the great old town of Reno, Nevada! My sister, mother-in-law and I are in town for 3 days for endless amounts of volleyball.  I have to say, several times over my not-quite-yet-24-hours-here I have felt like I am on a completely different planet.... read more

Hi! I am so glad you are here! My name is Ally and I am a new mama, technical project manager, and love all things fashion and fitness. I hope that when you stop by you will feel a little more inspired, and a little happier than before you came!

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