I am by no means a beauty expert.  Not only am I picky about the time my beauty “rituals” take, but I want the finished product to look awesome, last, and be affordable!  So, I put together all of my beauty tricks that meet all 3 criteria!

Hair: I am very much low maintenance about my hair, but still want it to be full of body, shiny, soft, etc…..  (FYI – an awesome haircut that is universally low maintenance is the lob (or long bob) which I am currently enjoying.) Anyway… I swear by all of the below and use them daily!

  1. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: This stuff is amazing.  I literally never dry my hair anymore (saves me about 5 – 7 minutes each AM).  All you do is towel-dry your hair, spray liberally, and when your hair dries, you have natural body and subtle waves that lasts until your next shower!  (My hair is stick straight and I expect this product would work well on straight to moderately curly hair.)
  2. Caviar Anti-Aging Hair Spray: This product is another body-producing gem.  To quickly add some movement to my hair, I flip my head upside down and spray away.  The best thing about this hairspray is that it is pretty much undetectable (no stickiness here) and smells awesome.
  3. The Wet Brush: My childhood memories are riddled with my mom trying desperately to get the snarls out of my tangled wet hair.  Man, I wish this brush was around then.  Anyway, no matter how much of a rats nest your head is, this brush will detangle away with no tears!

Face: I am by no means a makeup expert and I realized this on a more profound level last weekend when I was watching a makeup tutorial created by one of my favorite bloggers.  While her makeup was STUNNING it was a bit too unnatural for my personal taste and the video lasted 20+ minutes!  WHAT?! 20+ minutes EVERY DAY to put on your makeup?  I admire anyone who has the time and patience to do that but I am definitely not one of those amazing people.  If my makeup routine takes more than 5 minutes, I am going to go clean faced.  The below products can be applied in only a couple of minutes and make my skin look pretty darn good and stay that way all day!

  1. Bare Minerals Pure Skin Set: This makeup combo consist of the pure serum foundation, brush, and mineral veil.  I mentioned these 3 products here, but they are so awesome, I wanted to include them again because I have never found more natural looking coverage that actually covers and lasts.  Brief run-down of application: First, put 1-2 drops of the foundation in the center of the brush (hate to say it but you really need this particular brush) and swipe a horizontal line on your forehead, and 2 vertical lines down your cheeks, then rub it in.  If you want a bit more coverage, put 1-2 more drops on the brush and apply in circular motions until blended.  Then use a ‘blush-like’ brush and tap into the mineral powder and lightly apply to your face.  I like to put concealer on before this process and a bit of blush on after.
  2. E.L.F.Makeup Mist and Set: If I am going to put on makeup, it better last.  I found this stuff a couple of weeks ago and am in love.  After my makeup is completely applied, I spray 3-4 squirts of the mist on my face and once it dries, gives me a dewy, glowing complexion and sets my makeup all day!

I had Eric take a close-up, unedited picture of my face in natural light at the end of a hot day so you could see how well my makeup lasts!  Pretty ok right?!

Feet: As much as I would love a mani-pedi on the regular, I neither have the time nor the budget for it!  By utilizing the below products, I can do a professional-looking job myself at home!

  1. Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File: My aunt (a foot prettifying expert) gave me this for my birthday and it is amazing (and kind of fun).  I just used it a couple of hours and my nasty calloused feet are as smooth as ever.
  2. OPI Base and Top Coat: Base layer before polish + and top coat after = shiny, anti-chip nails!

Body: As I am getting older and wiser (haha I wish) I am learning that if I take care of my body, it will take care of me.  I put my body through the ringer working, getting too little sleep, and working out at a high intensity.  (Any of this sound familiar?)  So, I try and give back a little!

  1. Foam Roller: I am a firm believer in foam rolling and pretty much do it every day.  Not only does it loosen up my tight muscles but it also improves circulation.  Some sources say that it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and I really hope they are right!
  2. Burt’s Bees Body Scrub: About once a month (although I should probably do this more) I use this body scrub.  It feels amazing, smells good, and makes my skin so smooth after sluffing off all of the dead stuff.

What are you best beauty tips?

What are you doing right now?

To end this super long post (sorry), here is a little Instagram round-up of my daily happenings slash outfits! If you want real-time updates, follow me here!

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