Shirt – J Crew Factory (similar here), Pants – Zara, Shoes – J Crew, Earrings – Piperlime (similar here) Ring – Wellton Works, Clutch – Oliveve, Sunnies – Fendi (almost identical here), Lip – YSL


Greetings from Utah!

My fam and I came into town to watch my beautiful, genius sis (Eliza, also known as Lizard) graduate from college!!  (We are also doing some house hunting as we will be here in only a couple of months!  Wowee!!)

I wore this look last weekend in Reno (aka the glorious – seriously no sarcasm intended – 3-day volleyball tourney).  I found these sweet pants at Zara, and paired them with an oversized tee, some slides, and braids for a more laidback, tomboy look.  (Had to take advantage of my other sister, PK’s, pro braiding skills.)

So I have to tell you something about my darling littlest sister, PK.  This last week has been a bit tough and I have certainly not been operating with all available brain cells.  Well, Thursday – our day of departure to Utah – was no exception.  I guess I am a little too comfortable flying because I only took one glance at my electronic confirmation and saw the time ‘6:30’.  So, Peeks and I arrived at the airport in the perfect amount of time to make our ‘6:30’ flight.  Well, apparently, we were supposed to LAND in Utah at 6:30.  CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?  I KNOW I AM AN IDIOT.  (Enter blonde jokes now….).  We found out that we instead had to take a flight that departed 1.5 hours later than our missed flight which then stopped over in LA to finally arrive in Utah at 12:45 AM, roughly 6.25 hours after we were supposed to arrive.  Can I tell you something AMAZING??  PK did not utter one word, noise, grunt, look, micro-expression of complaint.  I think she is the only person in the world who resisted the urge to dish out some very much deserved crap to her eldest sis.  Anyway…. we ended up having a grand ole time, enjoying the little hiccups that came along with my big one.

To enjoying the hiccups like the Peekster.

Much Love,


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