Top – Sam Edelman, Jeans – J Brand (SUPER flattering), Necklace – Shopbop (couldn’t find online, similar here), Tote – Tory Burch, Booties – Dolce Vita (a closet staple – wear these all the time AND on major sale!), Hat – Nordstrom, Lipstick – MAC (Zen)

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends!

This is an easy, festive look that is so easy to throw on and go! The split-back of this plaid is unique and I threw on a hat (because let’s face it, I was having a wretched hair day), but it does add another bit of interest!  (And PS – if you were to own/invest in ONE pair of jeans, I would buy these.  They are amazing!  They are high-waisted, super-flattering, perfect wash, and can be dressed up or down!)

Eric and I spent a wonderful day in Heber, Utah where we had a fabulous feast at a gorgeous Swiss-inspired resort. A couple of years ago, Eric and I went out for Thanksgiving dinner, and when it is just the two of us, I will never look back!!

Quick thought before I leave you tonight to enjoy (even more) delicious food. First off, I am realizing I am even more selfish than I thought I was. I was thinking that today would be a wonderful, quiet day where I got to eat someone else’s top notch cooking, and Eric and I would spend the rest of the evening lounging around snuggling and watching movies. While of course, that would be good, Eric had a much better plan. He woke up this morning concerned about all of his dental school classmates who may not have somewhere to go today. His immediate reaction was, “I want to open our home to them because we have so much, and I would like to share it”. He quickly reassured (my again selfish and frivolous) worries that we wouldn’t have enough food/we weren’t ready/the house is a mess by rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

Today, on this special day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my best friend, you reminds me what is most important by his example.

Much love my friends!


PS – I refuse to taint Thanksgiving with Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale-stuff so watch out for tomorrow’s post to get all the deets!


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