Ab Circuit:

1. Plank: 30 Seconds

2. Alternating Leg and Arm Lifts: 2 Minutes (Right leg extended – 30 seconds, left leg extended – 30 seconds, right arm extended – 30 seconds, left leg extended 30 seconds)

3. Walking Planks: 30 Seconds

4. Hollowmans: 30 Seconds

5. Double Crunches: 30 Seconds

6. Pike Crunches: 30 Seconds

7. Rest: 30 Seconds (Optional)

Repeat!  (or repeat twice if you can!)  This mini-workout is intended to target different, harder-to-reach parts of your abs (and throws in some arms too!)  Also, I like doing exercises for time (instead of counts) so you can go at your own pace, and as you get stronger, you can go faster and faster!

(Descriptions and pics below!)  Warning!  I am not a credentialed fitness professional! (Just licensed spin teacher!)


1. Start in plank. Place hands right below shoulders. Your body should be in one straight line, from your head to your toes. Bum is included!!  My neck is a little bent towards the ground here (due to laughing), so don’t do that!



2. Alternating Leg and Arm Lifts: While holding plank, alternate lifting right leg for 30 seconds, and switch to left.


2. Alternating Leg and Arm Lifts: After leg lifts, alternate lifting right arm for 30 seconds, then switch to left.


3. Walking plank: Start in low plank (pictured) on your forearms and walk up into a high plank (on your hands). Lead with right arm for 30 seconds then switch to left.)


3. Walking Plank Continued!!


4. Hollowmans: WIth your lower back pressed firmly into the ground, lift your head (and shoulder blades), arms (with your palms facing up) and legs with toes pointed. Cross one leg over the other and come back to starting position.


4. Hollowmans continued!



5. Double Crunches: Start with your hands behind your head lightly touching behind your ears and your legs in table top position. Then crunch up with your abs (belly button pulled into the spin with your lower back pressed firmly against the ground) as you use your lower abs to pull your bum up off the ground. Repeat!!


5. Double Crunches!


6. Pike Crunches: Lay flat on the ground, toes pointed, then crunch your body up into a pike position by lifting your arms (and shoulder blades and legs of the ground). Ensure that your lower back still firmly planted on the floor.


6. Pike crunches continued!

Good Morning!

First workout post!  I am excited but a little nervous to share this!

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and something I really enjoy.  I love pushing and strengthening my body, and appreciate the positive energy I feel when I get moving!  I also love sharing my passion for fitness with others.  I routinely comprise workouts for friends and family and teach spin class where I convince people they can always do more than they think they can!

Call me a junkie (because I am) but I believe that whenever you push through a tough workout, and you approach a moment when you don’t think you can hang on another second, and then you do, you are breaking through tons of barriers.  What positive energy to incorporate into your day!

Anyway, off my soap box.  I guess I just want to share my love of fitness with anyone who will listen and have been hesitant to do so on the blog because I never want to induce guilt (if you hate working out, or just don’t want to) or any other negative feelings.  I want this blog to be a positive place where you may (or may not) get a good idea or two, but can at least laugh at whatever antics I am currently up to.

Back to business (again)!  As much as we would like to only work out 10 minutes a day to get firm tummies, this is the real world and gumdrops don’t grow on trees.  (Except maybe in Disneyland.) The good news is that we all have ridiculously ripped abs, just maybe hidden under a few layers of fat! Although I will introduce some ideas for fat-burning workouts, this is not one of them!  Just a kick booty ab circuit to strengthen those muscles!

Let me know what you think via the comments section (below) or by emailing me and wearandbackagain@gmail.com!

Much love to my friends in fitness!



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